Program Proficiencies (With Group)

S/he comprehends, applies and asseses the terms and the basic theories of economics.

S/he receives current information in his/her field through the up-to-date technology.

S/he can express economic problems and facts in mathematical and statistical mediums, analyze and evaluate through the statistical programs and offer solutions to them.

S/he can complete the project cycle of an economic problem on his/her own and find solutions following his/her findings.

S/he plans the activities, organizes them and provides the workflow when s/he is assigned as the team leader on a project.

S/he follows up the global, regional and local economic events and interprets them with an integrated point of view, expresses them with analytical and systematical tools. S/he comprehends the economic, social and political events and evaluates them.

S/he follows the economic news and journals and interprets them. S/he uses different data to test them and writes reports and papers.

S/he undertakes the position of the team leader or a team member for different tasks, being well aware of the importance of team work. S/he can carry out interdisciplinary studies.

S/he is critical and open-minded, social and respectful for the social and ethical values and has the ability of making presentation in front of public to express himself/herself.

S/he has the legal and professional regulations required for working in public, private or non-profit sectors. S/he explains the structure of economy and society in Turkey.