Program Competencies (Ordered)
1Achieving advanced theoretical and empirical knowledge of the fıeld with support of updated books, articles, technological and other kind of instruments.KNOWLEDGE
2Effective usage of theoretical knowledge of the related field.SKILLS
3Interpretation and assessment of data with using theoretical knowledge of the field.SKILLS
4Producing scientific solutions to the problems faced in professional life. SKILLS
5Ability of independent execution of a work relate to the field.COMPETENCE-INDEPENDENT OPERATION RECEIVABLE COMPETENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY
6Taking responsibility individually or as a member of the team in the case of a problem in a work related to the field.COMPETENCE-INDEPENDENT OPERATION RECEIVABLE COMPETENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY
7Planning and management ability of activities related to development of employees under the responsibility of her/himself within the scope of a project. COMPETENCE-INDEPENDENT OPERATION RECEIVABLE COMPETENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY
8Ability of critical assessment of the knowledge which is gained from the field.COMPETENCE-LEARNING COMPETENCY
9Making decisions about education necessities and self-leadership on learning.COMPETENCE-LEARNING COMPETENCY
10Developing positive attitude about life long learning.COMPETENCE-LEARNING COMPETENCY
11Giving information to related people and institutions about the field and answering their questions in written or verbally about solutions of problems in the field. COMPETENCE-COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL COMPETENCE
12Organizing projects and activities with the sense of responsibility for problems faced in social sphere. COMPETENCE-COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL COMPETENCE
13Sharing her/his thoughts and problems about the issues in the field with the support of qualitative and quantitative data. COMPETENCE-COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL COMPETENCE
14Acting according to social, scientific, cultural and ethical values during the processes of collection, assesment, execution and announcement of data related to the field.COMPETENCE-FIELD-SPECIFIC COMPETENCY
15Adoption of universal human rights, being respectful to concept of justice, protection of cultural values, being sensitive about environment, adoption of work ethic.COMPETENCE-FIELD-SPECIFIC COMPETENCY