Goal And Target

The department of Business Administration keeps up with the changes in the world and meets the needs of the contemporary world with the help of its working mechanism and relations. In today’s world, organizations directed by innovative, creative, enterprising and communicative people and also directed by qualified people (able to define the right duty, able to supervise the defined duty or fulfill it) are effective. Accordingly, countries having such kinds of organizations will be effective in contemporary world. The department of Business Administration taking this basic philosophy as a starting point has undertaken the post of fulfilling the necessities of this philosophy by having a teaching staff that are specialists, dynamic, in search of developing themselves, sharing, and that tend to cooperate with their students; and students that know how to produce while learning, aim to learn while producing, prepare themselves for shaping the 21st century, conscious of the knowledge that are going to shape their future, and have affective roles in having cooperation for social and cultural activities among themselves and graduates; curriculum open to changes, flexible, able to renew and develop itself.

The department of Business Administration has been working on preparing the students after graduation life with its developing academic staff, physical and technical facilities.