Program Proficiencies (With Group)

Comprehending major points of the programme by essential programme subjects grounded on notion of business, its purposes and functions, other subjects oriented to improve numerical thinking skills, provide logical solutions and other practical subjects on different areas.

Analyzing an enterprise by taking organizational characteristics, individual differences and environmental factors into consideration and using the knowledge about enterprise’s essential functions.

Having capability of making financial and economic analysis in the aim of providing effective communication, settling conflicts and overcoming crisis.

Using information technologies in business planning process and general learning process efficiently; using proper methods and techniques for improving critical, creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Conducting an advanced practice of the business independently.

Assuming responsibility as an individual and a team member in order to solve the problems in chaos and crisis conditions appearing on business activities.

Forming proper strategies for organization conditions in order to perform work processes in an efficient and effective way.

Evaluating the essential knowledge and skills which have been learnt on the business field in a critical perspective, determining the learning requirements and having the competency of occupational practice.

Developing vocational knowledge and skills consistently within the context of Lifelong Learning.

Sharing written-oral thoughts and analytic offers about the enterprise and implementing projects and activities which are social-responsible and improving external environment apart from working environment.

Acting in accordance with the regulations which define job duties, rights and responsibilities, human rights, scientific, cultural and environmental values and job ethics.