Program Competencies (Ordered)
1Education on the basis of qualifications gained in the process, are related to the concepts and understand the relationships between concepts.KNOWLEDGE
2In the process of teaching and learning, our students use different teaching methods and techniques.KNOWLEDGE
3Prepare appropriate learning environment to enhance the learning and teaching process.KNOWLEDGE
4Our Students know childrens’ developmental characteristics, learning features and has full knowledge of the difficulties.KNOWLEDGE
5Pre-service teachers have knowledge of the relevant field of 0-6 years children.SKILLS
6They take into account the individual differences of students' developmental characteristics and different teaching methods and techniques.SKILLS
7Pre-service teachers develops materials In the Subject field that meet the needs of the student.SKILLS
8Skills in pre-school education program aimed at providing primary first-class programs and the activities to prepare the underlying knows purposes.COMPETENCE-INDEPENDENT OPERATION RECEIVABLE COMPETENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY
9They allow preschool child's physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.COMPETENCE-INDEPENDENT OPERATION RECEIVABLE COMPETENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY
10They can make effective planning and implementation which is accordance with pre-school child's developmental characteristics and learning stylesCOMPETENCE-INDEPENDENT OPERATION RECEIVABLE COMPETENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY
11They take responsibility at individual work and group work and perform the task effectively.COMPETENCE-INDEPENDENT OPERATION RECEIVABLE COMPETENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY
12Pre-service teachers gain qualifications like monitoring, evaluation and learning styles, to keep relevant records.COMPETENCE-LEARNING COMPETENCY
13They know how to obtain information efficantly and use it for a lifetime.COMPETENCE-LEARNING COMPETENCY
14Contribute to the development of children will have a general knowledge level. They will follow the developments related to the field-level research culture and have knowledge of a foreign language.COMPETENCE-COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL COMPETENCE
15Knows the importance of preschool education, school-parent-child relationship and implement it.COMPETENCE-COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL COMPETENCE
16They speak Turkish according to rules and comminicate with children effectively.COMPETENCE-COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL COMPETENCE
17Know the objectives and principles of preschool education and implement all work to them.COMPETENCE-FIELD-SPECIFIC COMPETENCY
18Knows the structure of the Turkish Education System and be a role model to society acting democratic and accordance with human rights.COMPETENCE-FIELD-SPECIFIC COMPETENCY
19They have preschool teachers’ features.COMPETENCE-FIELD-SPECIFIC COMPETENCY
20They will be teachers who knows Atatürk's principles and revolutions very well, believes democracy and aware of Turkish national, spiritual, moral and cultural values.COMPETENCE-FIELD-SPECIFIC COMPETENCY