Program Competencies (Ordered)
1On the basis of qualifications acquired in high school education; he/she understands the concepts and relationships between concepts related to the field.KNOWLEDGE
2He/she is informed about the nature of the source of knowledge, boundaries, accuracy, reliability and validity of the evaluation.KNOWLEDGE
3She/he discuss methods for the production of scientific knowledge.KNOWLEDGE
4She/he is informed about Turkish Language Teaching about teaching programs, teaching strategies, methods and techniques of measurement and evaluation information.KNOWLEDGE
5She/he is informed abaut students' learning characteristics, challenges of the knowledge of the mother tongue and language development.KNOWLEDGE
6She / he recognizes the national and international cultures.KNOWLEDGE
7She/he uses advanced sources of information related to Turkish Teaching.SKILLS
8She/he conceptualizes events and facts about Turkısh teaching, examines the scientific methods and techniques, comments and evaluates the data.SKILLS
9She/he identifies Turkish Teaching problems, analyzes, develops solutions based on evidence and research.SKILLS
10She/he take into account students' developmental characteristics, individual differences; characteristics of the subject areas; then based on this she/he applies the most appropriate teaching strategies, methods and techniques.SKILLS
11She/he develops materials which meet the requirements of the student's and mother tongue teaching.SKILLS
12She/he evaluates multi-faceted students' gains using different methods.SKILLS
13He/she takes responsibility at individual or group work and fulfills its task efficiently.COMPETENCE-INDEPENDENT OPERATION RECEIVABLE COMPETENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY
14He/she recognizes himself as an individual then uses creative and powerful features and then develops and weak features.COMPETENCE-INDEPENDENT OPERATION RECEIVABLE COMPETENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY
15He/she takes responsibility to solve complex and unforeseen problems encountered in practice as a individual or team member.COMPETENCE-INDEPENDENT OPERATION RECEIVABLE COMPETENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY
16He/she evaluates acquired knowledge and skills critically.COMPETENCE-LEARNING COMPETENCY
17He/she identifies its learning needs and directs its own learning.COMPETENCE-LEARNING COMPETENCY
18He/she develops a positive attitude for lifelong learning.COMPETENCE-LEARNING COMPETENCY
19He/she use ways of accessing information effectively.COMPETENCE-LEARNING COMPETENCY
20He/she actively participates artistic and cultural events.COMPETENCE-COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL COMPETENCE
21He/she follows developments in society and the world's agenda and then indicates its sensitiveness.COMPETENCE-COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL COMPETENCE
22He/she plans and implements vocational projects and activities for the social environment with its awareness of social responsibility.COMPETENCE-COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL COMPETENCE
23He/she informs relevant persons and institutions about issues related to Turkish Teaching.COMPETENCE-COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL COMPETENCE
24He/she shares its ideas and solutions to problems supporting with quantitative and qualitative data with people who are not expert or expert. COMPETENCE-COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL COMPETENCE
25He/she monitors developments in its area, communicates with colleagues using a foreign language at least at the level of the European Language Portfolio B1.COMPETENCE-COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL COMPETENCE
26He/she uses information and communication technologies at European Computer Driving License advanced level.COMPETENCE-COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL COMPETENCE
27He/she lives in different cultures and adapts to social life.COMPETENCE-COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL COMPETENCE
28He/she sets an example to community with its external appearance, attitude and behavior.COMPETENCE-FIELD-SPECIFIC COMPETENCY
29He/she acts according to democracy, human rights, social, scientific and vocational ethical values.COMPETENCE-FIELD-SPECIFIC COMPETENCY
30He/she acts according to quality management and processes and participates.COMPETENCE-FIELD-SPECIFIC COMPETENCY
31İn order to create and maintain a safe school environment he/she interacts personally and cooperatively. COMPETENCE-FIELD-SPECIFIC COMPETENCY
32He/she has enough awareness about environmental protection and occupational safety.COMPETENCE-FIELD-SPECIFIC COMPETENCY
33He/she is aware of national and global sensitivities which is referred to the Basic Law of National Education.COMPETENCE-FIELD-SPECIFIC COMPETENCY
34He/she acts according to the its own area mission and the law on the rights and then responsibilities of the regulatory and regulations as an individual.COMPETENCE-FIELD-SPECIFIC COMPETENCY