Exam Value Rules
The examinations are performed according to Trakya University Bachelor’s Degree Education and Training Exam Regulations. Students are subjected to end of term examination besides mid-term studies (mid-term examinations, project, seminar, quiz, assessment or another mid-term examination) for each course. The criteria taken into account in assessment of course achievement (in-term studies including mid-term examination and final examination) and the ratios for all these are indicated at the beginning of semester with syllabus programs either printed version is given or published on web. Mid-term and final examinations are done at the date and time indicated by the department. The achievement grades of students at the end of the semester are given by the course coordinators and instructors according to attendance to course and in-term studies and final examination. At the end of the semester the achievement score belonging to the courses which don’t have a mid-term and/or final examination are settled according to their in-term studies. The achievement scores at the end of the semester are resigned to student affairs with the achievement assessment criteria by the course coordinator and instructor. There are prerequisite courses in Landscape Architecture Department. The students can not register these courses without completing prerequisite.