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1He/she comprehends major points of the programme by essential programme subjects grounded on notion of business, its purposes and functions, other subjects oriented to improve numeric thinking skills, provides logical solutions and other practical subjects on different areas.BİLGİ,BECERİ
2He/she becomes knowledgeable about accounting process, basic notions and principles of accounting, learning accounting records and accounting system of an enterprise. YETKİNLİK-BAĞIMSIZ ÇALIŞABİLME VE SORUMLULUK ALABİ,YETKİNLİK-İLETİŞİM VE SOSYAL YETKİNLİK
3Besides accounting knowledge, it is possible to analyze financial, organizational and social topics about enterprises by planning and auditing the finance function and learning statistical methods. BİLGİ,YETKİNLİK-BAĞIMSIZ ÇALIŞABİLME VE SORUMLULUK ALABİ,YETKİNLİK-ALANA ÖZGÜ YETKİNLİK
4He/she is informed about role of marketing in the changing world by marketing perception, efficient and effective methods of using and evaluating human resources which are one of the most important sources of enterprises and economic factors that affect enterprises in national-international areas. BİLGİ,BECERİ,YETKİNLİK-İLETİŞİM VE SOSYAL YETKİNLİK
5He/she evaluates in a versatile and causative way on developments about consistently changing business world and organizations with the globalization process by using scientific methods. BİLGİ,BECERİ,YETKİNLİK-ALANA ÖZGÜ YETKİNLİK
6He/she procures information about individual, organizational, national, international and global elements which may affect enterprises and pursues them consistently. BİLGİ,BECERİ,YETKİNLİK-ALANA ÖZGÜ YETKİNLİK
7He/she can analyze an enterprise by taking organizational characteristics, individual differences and environmental factors into consideration and using the knowledge about enterprise’s essential functions.BİLGİ,BECERİ,YETKİNLİK-BAĞIMSIZ ÇALIŞABİLME VE SORUMLULUK ALABİ
8He/she can determine the possible fraud in the accounting system of an enterprise.BİLGİ,YETKİNLİK-ALANA ÖZGÜ YETKİNLİK
9He/she uses information technologies in business planning process and general learning process efficiently. BİLGİ,YETKİNLİK-ÖĞRENME YETKİNLİĞİ,YETKİNLİK-İLETİŞİM VE SOSYAL YETKİNLİK
10He/she gets across between individuals, settles the conflicts in the organization and makes proper financial and economic analyses for the enterprise in order to get over crisis periods. BİLGİ,YETKİNLİK-BAĞIMSIZ ÇALIŞABİLME VE SORUMLULUK ALABİ,YETKİNLİK-ÖĞRENME YETKİNLİĞİ
11He/she regulates proper training conditions for organization members to learn effectively by taking individual, social, cultural diversities, private interests and requirements into account. BİLGİ,YETKİNLİK-İLETİŞİM VE SOSYAL YETKİNLİK,YETKİNLİK-ALANA ÖZGÜ YETKİNLİK
12He/she uses proper methods and techniques for improving critical, creative thinking and problem solving skills.BİLGİ,YETKİNLİK-BAĞIMSIZ ÇALIŞABİLME VE SORUMLULUK ALABİ,YETKİNLİK-ÖĞRENME YETKİNLİĞİ
13He/she views development of the enterprise employees by using various measurement and evaluation methods and techniques.BİLGİ,YETKİNLİK-BAĞIMSIZ ÇALIŞABİLME VE SORUMLULUK ALABİ,YETKİNLİK-ÖĞRENME YETKİNLİĞİ
14He/she uses aesthetic and flexible way of view in all work processes. BİLGİ,BECERİ,YETKİNLİK-ÖĞRENME YETKİNLİĞİ
15He/she shares written-oral thoughts and analytic offers about the enterprise.YETKİNLİK-ÖĞRENME YETKİNLİĞİ,YETKİNLİK-İLETİŞİM VE SOSYAL YETKİNLİK
16He/she acts in accordance with the regulations which define job duties, rights and responsibilities, human rights, scientific, cultural and environmental values and job ethics. BİLGİ,YETKİNLİK-İLETİŞİM VE SOSYAL YETKİNLİK,YETKİNLİK-ALANA ÖZGÜ YETKİNLİK
17He/she implements projects and activities which are social-responsible and improves external environment apart from working environment.BİLGİ,BECERİ
18He/she assumes responsibility as an individual and a team member in order to solve the problems in chaos and crisis conditions appearing on business activities. BİLGİ,BECERİ,YETKİNLİK-BAĞIMSIZ ÇALIŞABİLME VE SORUMLULUK ALABİ
19He/she forms proper strategies for organization conditions in order to perform work processes in an efficient and effective way. BİLGİ,YETKİNLİK-BAĞIMSIZ ÇALIŞABİLME VE SORUMLULUK ALABİ,YETKİNLİK-ÖĞRENME YETKİNLİĞİ
20He/she consistently develops his or her vocational knowledge and skills. BİLGİ,BECERİ,YETKİNLİK-İLETİŞİM VE SOSYAL YETKİNLİK