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1Depending on the Principles of Atatürk and History of Revolution, national, moral, humanitarian, spiritual and cultural values, adopt, protect and promote the family, the country and the nation-loving, respectful of human rights, democratic, secular and social state of law of the Republic of Turkey, which it in your duties and responsibilities to individuals who as it grows. 
2Physical, mental, moral, mental and emotional well-balanced and healthy way in terms of personality and character is an advanced, independent and scientific thinking power, with a wide view of the world, creative and productive individuals who are responsible to the community as it grows. 
3Students get the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and work habits by developing Interests and abilities. 
4Students determine all development levels of preschool children 
5They prepare programs, which is appropriate preschool childrens development level, and landscape. 
6Preschool childrens different development levels are followed and they do some new regulations 
7They instruct families on about families needs and they cooperate with them. 
8They know the methods of research and produce solutions to problems that are faced by doing research on various topics related to.