Queue No 
1Consciousness of profession ethics and responsibility 
2Skills of social communication; expressing themselves, speak and writing abilities 
3Environmental awareness and perception ability 
4Ability of thinking three dimensional; skills of creating and composing 
5Skills of graphical expression and esthetics view  
6Skill of foreign language; fluent speech, writing and reading besides understanding and commenting what is read 
7Ability to research; getting the data and searching the sources for this aim, using data bases and other information sources, preparing documents and obtaining data 
8Ability to analyze and set a model: recognition of problems and setting models according to solution  
9Produce practical solutions to problems and ability to improve skill for analytical thinking  
10Ability of critical thinking; classification and interpretation of collected data  
11Design skill; ability to make designs considering form and function relation in the light of basic design principles  
12Ability to create a sustainable design; providing ecological based sustainability in terms of project managing, design (area of usage, style of usage, material, etc..)  
13Skills of team work; having duty and consciousness of responsibility in team work  
14Skill of working inter disciplinary  
15Ability of transmitting the obtained theoretical information to practice  
16Skill of using information technologies  
17Ability of entrepreneurship, following the innovations and self-perpetuation  
18Skill of project management; execution of project application stages